All civic solutions offered in our marketplace can be customized with your brand, facilitating integration with what you already offers via website or other applications.

Strategy implementation

Civic applications should work as tools for creating social impact, for this reason we provide support to users of engagement strategies also in the offline world, providing support to actions that aim to mitigate risks and leverage the use of the platform.

Local replication

In some cases, changes in the structure of the deployed application may be required by the local context. For this reason we offer the support of specialized teams in development and software communities to solve all the challenges.

Capacity building

The capacity plan aims to develop the people, institutions and organizations to build knowledge independently, thus avoiding obstacles to use of the long-term solution.

Hosting and monitoring

We offer infrastructure services to ensure continuity of the solution, covering from the configuration of servers, security support for services used to monitor the application of health, including backup, continuous integration and update management.